Composer and pianist from the heart

HenkWieman 0452_600You might call it Modest Music, the music being somewhere between traditional and modern.

You can listen to this music on the piano concerts and CD’ s of Henk Wieman.

The life of Henk Wieman is closely connected with music. As a boy of 5 he started playing the piano and after the music-school he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Utrecht and Hilversum. He graduated from these institutions with both a traditional and a light music and jazz diploma.

Some years ago, Henk Wieman started to make his own compositions, he published several CD’ s. His piano concerts are very special because of his very personal input.

It was a great concert!

On November 3, Henk gave together with the Belgian String Orchestra a concert at the Fulco theatre in the Utrecht city of IJsselstein, the Netherlands. Two guest appearances: Anna Zhu on Guzheng and Wendy de Boer on Irish Flute.

Truus created a video based on “Goodbye”

Surprising how people can add beautiful pictures to the music of Henk. Henk immediately agreed when Truus asked permission to publish her video. “Goodbye” is from Henks album “Into Your Heart”.

 “Just looking at what’s beautiful”

Dutch/Chinese writer Lulu Wang about Henk Wieman’s music and what it means to her.

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