Sheetmusic Henk Wieman

Henk has been asked for years whether his music is also available in sheet music. Yes, you can buy most of Henk’s compositions as sheet music!

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Italian Journey


During his stays in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and the Marches, Henk is always touched by the fantastic landscapes, the beautiful cities, the beautiful light and the hospitality of the Italians. The “Italian Way of Living” inspired him to write many compositions, recognizable by the Italian titles.

Parco Fiorito

One of them “Italian Journey” was composed after a stay in Parco Fiorito, a holiday residence. Here Henk met Roberto Russo – he is the owner of Parco Fiorito – a special person, a fantastic host and a great cook.

He co-wrote an Italian cookbook with Kathryn Hilger Kingen of Seattle: “Good Ciao“.

A stay in his hotel, near Cortona and Lake Trasimeno, is always a special experience, partly due to the presence of Roberto.

Remember Part Two

This composition is close to Henk’s heart. It provides precious memories, of special events, things that are special to him or that he has experienced together with someone.

Memory is often enhanced through music. You relive moments through the music. Remember Part Two reinforces Henk’s memory of special moments.

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