Radio and TV host Chiel van Praag

“I’ve known Henk for years, and that’s why I know he loves his instrument, the grand piano. Henk’s music is the very reflection of his character: warm and romantic. Besides, there is no-one in Holland who can touch the keys of the piano with so much feeling.

During Henks concerts, I was able to experience how much people were moved by the music. I myself become very relaxed when I play the particular CD after a stressful day. Henk’s music soothes, puts things in perspective, and difficulties flow away and dissolve of their own. ”

Video based on Yamato

This video was made by Nobuka Etimaru (Japan, January 2011).


December 23, 2009

Thomas Fiorini

December 21, 2009

Succesful Concert Henk Wieman

The Fulco Theater in IJsselstein had a world´s first: “Didgeridoo with string orchestra and piano”.

Who wouldn’t want to experience a romantic, glowing Christmas feeling? Who wouldn’t want to surprise friends or loved ones? Henk Wieman played together with the Belgium String Orchestra.

Article Zenderstreeknieuws December 16, 2009

The whole World is to know

zenderstreek-2009-12_200IJSSELSTEIN (the Netherlands)– From the age of 5, the life of Henk Wieman (56) is closely connected with music. He gave his first concert at 15; a few years later he accompanied the renowned Dutch singer Jasperina de Jong en guitarist Harry Sacksioni. He devised a unique method of music teaching and, above all, he developed Modest Music, his own musical style. At the Fulco theatre he will give a Christmas concert, with the Belgium String Orchestra and didgeridoo musician Harry van der Burgt.

>> Download the complete article (in Dutch, PDF 238kB)


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