Piano concerts

On the concert podium Henk Wieman is like a fish in the water. In an very inspired way he performs his own compositions, accompanied by various ensembles such as the Belgian String Quartet, String Quintet and the Belgian String Orchestra.

Freshness, energy and authenticity are specific features of Henk’s piano concerts.

The compositions of Henk Wieman can be categorized as romantic classic. Some pieces have a cinematic, soundtrack quality.

His concerts are special because of his very personal input. In only a few words he outlines the history of the composition that is to be performed. He connects them with moments from his own life, events that everyone can fill in for themselves. This intimacy makes you part of a rare musical experience.

Belgian String Quintet

Christina_full150Leader of this quintet is the renowned violist Cristina Constantinescu. At the age of three she started her studies of the violin in Bukarest, Romania. At the Conservatory in Bukarest she graduated “Summa Cum Laude”  in Violin and Chamber Music.  

Among the contests she won were the international contests Çitta di Stresa (1985) and Ísola di Capri (1987). As a soloist she was invited by orchestras in several countries, such as Hongary, Jordany, Germany, Iraq and Belgium. At present she plays in a great number of traditional ensembles, and is employed by the Dutch Symphonic Orchestra (the orchestra of “The Night of the Proms”).

The other members of the Belgian String Quartet play among others at the symphonic orchestra and at the Flemish Opera.

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